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Mouthguards & Sleep Guards Cairns.


Mouthguards are an important part of many dental plans, especially if you have issues with TMJ and teeth grinding in the night. Additionally, we can create mouthguards that are specially designed to help protect your teeth during physical activities, such as organised sports, martial arts, and other potential contact activities that could damage the teeth.

Cairns Dental Service offers customised mouthguards that will be specially fitted to your mouth for a perfect form fit that will cover your teeth precisely.

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Who needs to use mouthguards?


Certain types of mouthguards need to be worn while playing contact sports, so anyone engaging in these activities should wear protective mouth gear. Additionally, those who suffer from nighttime teeth grinding or jaw clenching may also find that mouthguards are useful. These specially designed sleep guards prevent teeth grinding, which helps protect the teeth from excess damage. Grinding one's teeth can eventually wear away enamel, and even shorten the teeth over time if grinding is severe. It can also lead to jaw pain and may even affect tooth alignment with time.

Our expert dental professionals will take the time to examine your mouth thoroughly, assess any damage caused by teeth grinding, and make a mould of your teeth and gums for a perfect fit. When worn, your mouthguard should prevent you from grinding your teeth in the night, and you should see a reduction in pain and any other unwanted symptoms related to tooth grinding. Then, you can have any tooth damage repaired and look for the underlying cause of grinding your teeth.

If you are ready to get started with your consultation, give us a call today. We will go over your symptoms and develop a personalised plan just for you and your unique situation. Additionally, we can help you determine the best course of action for repairing any damage grinding your teeth may have caused.