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About Us


Jason Plant started his apprenticeship in 1976 at Brisbane Dental Services. Cairns denture service opened it's doors in 1983 and has been servicing Cairns and surrounding areas ever since. We construct full and partial dentures which are cosmetic, functional and personalised.

Cairns Denture Service has been serving our local community by providing effective dentures for 4 decades, and we are committed to quality service. Your teeth are important. They are not only a vital step in consuming, and enjoying, food, but they are also a marker for your overall health and well-being.

If you have teeth that are badly damaged, either due to decay or injury, then having new dentures might be the best next step. In some cases, dentures may also be used for cosmetic purposes where other treatments might not be preferable for one reason or another. The experts here at Cairns Denture Service will carefully evaluate your teeth, your health history, and determine the best option for your situation.

How does getting dentures work?


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Having dentures completed is a multi-step process that requires getting an exact mould of your mouth and gums to ensure that we create your dentures with a perfect fit. Additional fittings and repairs may be needed throughout the first year or so to ensure a continued perfect fit. We are happy to offer upper, lower, and full mouth dentures depending on your needs and requirements.
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We also offer additional services such as mouthguards for teeth grinding and protection against injury, as well as denture replacements, refittings, and repairs—even if you didn’t get your original dentures from us.
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If you have any questions about our dentures and other services, or you’re ready to schedule an initial consultation, feel free to give us a call or send a message. We are happy to go over your existing dental issues, and how our quality dentures may help.