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Acrylic Dentures in Cairns.


Today’s dentures are not what you might expect. While many people assume that dentures are for seniors, they are actually quite common among many age groups. Modern dentures have a realistic look to them, are highly durable, and are able to function much like regular teeth with proper care. In fact, if you currently have damaged or missing teeth, you will probably find that a new set of dentures will be far more comfortable than what you’ve been dealing with in your natural teeth.

You may find that you need dentures if you have severe tooth decay, or if your teeth have been damaged due to injury or disease. Sometimes dentures are also used for those who have severe pain due to their existing teeth, which may be caused by misalignment that was never dealt with, or gum disease.

There are two types of partial dentures.

Acrylic - Ours are all constructed with Diamond D, Ultra High Impact, Acrylic, Guaranteeing strength.

Chromium Cobalt - Chromes are supported by the exciting teeth and take up the least amount of room in the mouth. Our chrome bases are not constructed overseas, they are made here in the far north of Queensland.

Need acrylic dentures?


When you visit Cairns Dental Service, you will receive personalised care tailored to your unique situation. We will take the time to get to know you, your dental history, and we will fully inspect your teeth and gums to determine which of our services might be right for you.

You will be kept in the know every step of the way to ensure that you are comfortable with the steps being taken to repair your teeth and gums, and we will ensure your comfort during procedures and consultations. If you are interested in discussing our acrylic dentures and other services, feel free to give us a call to make an initial appointment today.